IpLegion is the complete Enterprise-class solution for the ICT risk and Vulnerability Management. IpLegion operates in these main areas:

  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Digital Asset Discovery and Inventory;
  • ICT Risk Analysis and Business Impact;
  • Follow-up Remediation and Ticketing.

IpLegion detects the company digital assets, identifies threats and risks hanging over IT networks and systems, collects data on their impact on the business, and, eventually, gives a full overview to the Company's Executives and Security Manager. IpLegion measures the security level and provides the administrator with the most appropriate countermeasures, verifying the effective adoption of an adequate remediation plan.

ipLegion presents a distributed architecture through a Master (the management core) and a Scout (the analysis probes): they both can be virtualized. These features make the platform extremely flexible in order to obtain a simple collocation and integration of each ICT structure, in every type of network.

Partitioning is one of the most important features in Iplegion. Partitioning allows the segmentation of data and activities among several non-interdipendent contexts, named scenarios: this makes Iplegion the ideal solution for the so called Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), and for the corporation as well.

Iplegion solution benefits:

  • The management of the sensible data saved on the Master is strictly under the Customer's control, and exploits a ciphered disk to delay the risk of physical theft;
  • strong adherence to the technologies adopted by Customer, and its pliability to the Company's needs, policies and processes;
  • strong orientation to management and supervision of inner processes in order to obtain a perfect adaptation to the Company procedures;
  • a set of features continuously evolving, by new data aggregations and auditing possibilities on the activities carried out by the Scout, both in depth and in detail;
  • a research and development lab (in Italy), dedicated and experienced in the It Security process support for the most important Italian companies.
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