managed security services

Emaze is one of the few players in Europe to have developed its own Security Operation Centre (SOC), specialized in the prevention and detection of malware and cyber attacks.

Our dedicated SOC platform can be connected to your existing security setup through a proprietary secured infrastructure. We can be operational within days guaranteeing minimal friction with your daily operations.

Our Emaze team of security experts and our security software will carefully monitors 24/7 your network devices and applications to avoid any third-party intrusion.

We are a cost-efficient and customised solution for your company. Using Emaze’s SOC will allow you to access best practice 24/7 cyber security monitoring services without having to continuously invest in an ever changing human and technological intelligence environment.

Connecting to our SOC will not only allow your company to access up-to-date security tools and expertise but will also allow it to comply with general and industry-specific data protection regulations and certifications.

In collaboration with the security industry best-in-class, we are constantly updating our list of potential threats and adding new sophisticated monitoring features developed by our in-house R&D team. Our ethical hacking squad regularly test our clients’ systems in order to monitor new emerging security weaknesses.

Working with Emaze will also allow you to design an incident response strategy, eventually have remediation tactics in place and possess a rapid forensic and reverse-engineering capability in order to avoid incident repetition and better prepare for future incidents.

To react fast while avoiding misinterpretation errors, we have developed innovative machine learning algorithms based on a properly balanced blend of human expertise and big data analysis.

our team has developed a solid expertise with key market vendors

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