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Emaze spa wins the prestigious award for “best market entry strategy” by F-Secure Corporation.

Over 400 participants attended the international ceremony in London, where F-Secure Corporation recognised Emaze Spa for its “Best market entry strategy” in the Italian SME market.

Domenico Cavaliere, CEO of Emaze SpA, presented data about the Italian information security market showing that:

  • Over 70% of information security expenditure in Italy is concentrated in 3.000 large companies, representing just 0,1% of total
  • 72.000 Italian SME’s with 20-250 employees produce the same turnover and employment of large companies, but have not invested sufficiently in information security

Global suppliers of information security have failed to reach the Italian SME’s, due to the high fragmentation of demand. For this reason, SME’s with no access to enterprise-class security solutions have suffered heavy losses from ransomware attacks in 2017.

In the first months of 2018, Emaze has supported a large number of Italian SME’s, whose security awareness was sharpened by regulatory pressure from the European data protection law GDPR.

Emaze has chosen the Radar solution of F-Secure Corporation to automate vulnerability analysis carried out by the Emaze Security Operation Center (SOC).

Both F-Secure and Emaze are investing in services and innovative technology (e.g. machine learning) to alleviate the shortage of information security talent, estimated to exceed two million units by 2020.

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