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Emaze chooses F-Secure Radar to win the battle over security

Emaze chooses F-Secure Radar to win the battle over security

Emaze, one of Italy’s most prominent information security partners, chooses F-Secure Radar for its vulnerability analysis requirements.

Automation is the route to go to win the battle for security. This is why European cyber-security company Emaze has chosen F-Secure Radar for its SOC.

Emaze is one of Italy’s most prominent information security partners, providing professional services and security products developed in-house to prestigious European telecommunications companies, banks, insurance and shipping companies. Emaze is one of very few companies to have its own Security Centre, team of specialized consultants and software development laboratory, giving the firm a competitive edge in the automation of security functions.

Emaze’s security specialists conduct penetration tests or vulnerability analyses (VA) using their own tools and produce precise information for improving security. For its own SOC, which conducts VA on its in-house network and clients’ networks, Emaze has chosen F-Secure Radar, a turnkey platform for vulnerability scanning and management. Radar permits identification and response to internal and external threats, creation of risk reports and compliance with current and future standards (such as PCI and GDPR conformity), raising the level of automation.

Emaze Managing Director Domenico Cavaliere explains the reason for the partnership. “We wanted to form a strategic alliance with a European company that could provide us with a guarantee, not only in technical terms, but in terms of personal data protection as well. The North European countries have a long tradition of legality and protection of citizens’ privacy which has inspired the European legislation, currently the world’s most advanced. F-Secure is a company with a Finnish background, subject to all the disclosure obligations of a listed company, and it shares our values. Our dialogue with F-Secure was built on these premises.”

“Emaze is our most important Radar Specialist Partner in Italy,” confirms F-Secure Country Sales Manager Antonio Pusceddu. “We believe that the combination of an advanced solution such as Radar and the in-depth knowledge of cyber security of a partner like Emaze is the key to success for today’s enterprises in search of solutions and resources that can help them with security management.”

Radar now allows Emaze’s SOC to conduct a VA for its clients once every quarter (as required to guarantee PCI conformity) or even every week, in accordance with best practice. The solution increases the frequency of VA cycles without increasing costs proportionally, and provides a valuable aid for clients who require not only a detailed report on the vulnerabilities identified but a summary of the results of the VA in order to come up with a remediation plan. Radar’s Executive Summary provides a clear list of the priority areas in which the company should mobilise resources, in an easy-to-read graphic form that facilitates dialogue with management, in that it makes progress toward achievement of compliance clearly visible.

According to Domenico Cavaliere, “The role of an advisor like Emaze is to help clients make the most of their security budget, which never seems to be sufficient, by coming up with effective solutions and making efficient use of resources. Our experience with Radar has confirmed that automation is the right route to take to win the struggle for security, while freeing up resources for activities with greater added value.”


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