DECO, securing your compliance

DECO solves the configuration and security challenges of IT Departments managing thousands of network devices in heterogeneous information environments, such as Telecom Operators or Insurance Companies.

Security and Operations Departments co-operate to enforce regulatory and company-specific security policies while facing challenges arising from:

  • Need for network compliance, evolution and maintenance
  • Heterogeneous, constantly evolving environments
  • Expensive global vendor products that don’t support all devices
  • Labour-intensive and risky manual device configuration and management

To address these challenges, we have developed the proprietary DECO  solution to ensure the compliance of devices (Routers, BAN, BNG, etc.) produced by all the IT vendors (Cisco, Huawei, Technicolor, Bell Labs, Fortinet, …).

DECO is easy to integrate into the customer IT infrastructure. It is based on a a modular architecture and open REST APIs, with a proprietary Policy Modeling Engine module. It allows network specialists to independently model the theoretical configuration of their devices and to automatically compare and permanently correct these expectations with functioning devices.

DECO is a cross-vendor platform which supports all major suppliers’ applications and devices (CPEs, Firewalls, Routers, Network Switches, etc.) such as the ones installed in large Telecom Operators and Insurance Companies.

case study

DECO is used by 3 of the top 10 EU telcos

The network engineering department of the first operator has
integrated DECO with its production OSS systems to :

  • Check that installers have activated correctly the device
  • Keep under control misconfiguration anomalies of 40.000 CPE
    enterprise for its Business division

The other operator uses DECO daily within its security department to check security and compliance of its core network equipment and is evaluating a roll-out of DECO in Latin America.

Do you want to secure your corporate information assets?