custom security software development

It so happens that most of our clients not only use our security services as well as managed security but they also regularly ask us to develop customized security software solutions to meet specific requirements.

Cyber Security is part of our DNA. It forces us to be compliant with best practices of secure software development and has allowed us to develop an unmatched knowledge of networks and telecommunications equipment security challenges.

We use non-standard products and integrate them seamlessly with existing client systems. Our clients are confronted with high-tech challenges and are thus exposed to frequent changes, which require fast response of trusted suppliers such as Emaze to create customised security products and solutions.

Emaze uses the “Agile and Iterative” approach, releasing project phases immediately usable by our clients and proceeding by continuous trial to complete the most complex projects. The Agile methodology allows us to adapt to changing requirements throughout the project.

We have a reputation among our clients to respecting cost and deadline constraints. Our working principles with our clients are technical edge, collaboration and transparency.

case study

Emaze created a service to protect residential and small office clients of a TOP 5 EU telco.

In cooperation with Cisco, Emaze developed the component installed on the home gateway. Emaze also provides local support to the telco and security checks on the home gateway.

A high-availability architecture owned by Emaze was deployed within the datacenter of the telco to underpin the service. Traffic categorization relies on Symantec systems.

Emaze provides a 24×7 monitoring and management service.

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