24/7 cyber security

we secure corporate information

We are a European company focusing exclusively on Cyber Security. We are fully independent, thus not controlled by a global software vendor or an international professional services group.

We cover the three main areas of Cyber Security:

Emaze is controlled by its management and has 75 full-time employees hired after an extensive background check. We do not use external staff for clients assignments.

All our processes are ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified. We are a regional research lab as well as an excellence centre for university bodies.

Our main offices are in Brussels and Milan. Our research centres are in Trieste & Udine.

Since 17 years, our independence is our strength and a security guarantee to our selected clients.

security assessment

we evaluate your exposure to cyber attacks and help you optimize your information security

managed security

we take care of all your cybersecurity needs, either via our own SOC or on your premises

security software

we secure both your professional devices and critical applications, in a holistic approach