• Security Operation Center


The increasing need of having instruments which allow the control to the level of security of the technology infrastructure, whether deputies to the provision of services to Customers that support internal company resources, and the need to quickly and effectively reaction to the growing threats to the corporate information components, find an answer in the creation of a specialized center in the prevention and detection of malware called “Security Operation center” (SOC). Building on the experience acquired in the field and its dedicated laboratories, Emaze is the Ideal Partner for the design, building and operation of the Security Operation Center (SOC), as well as managed security services provider (Managed Security Services), in order to pursue Customer’s objectives.

What We Offer

By several years, we cooperate in the realization and management of SOC with companies operating in various sectors of TELECOMMUNICATION, ENERGY (OIL & GAS), FINANCE, MASS TRANSPORT providing highly qualified personnel, methodologies and software developments solving every problem in managing and checking the safety status, integrating and correlating the available data and supporting our Customers in all major implementation and operation phases in their infrastructure:

  • Dimensioning of the structure in terms of equipment and personnel in according to the degree of the required reactivity;
  • Provisioning the IT tools required, created by Emaze, available also on software platforms;
  • Deployment of any customizations in terms of: correlation, definition and calculation of Key Security Indicator, presentation of results;
  • Development and adaptation of a various sets of operating procedures already identified, by Emaze, on the base of specific Customer reality;
  • Supply of qualified personnel for operating and / or start-up phases ; the Emaze staff is able to operate on all the levels present in a SOC; We start from the first technical level assignment with supervision / monitoring of the network to reach to the CERT / CSIRT resources;
  • Education and training of the Customer staff to make it standalone in the operating phases.

Using these countermeasures allows Emaze’s Customer to achieve an operational advantage of effectiveness and responsiveness, sure of control that can safeguard its strategic assets from any dangers that might come.

The Emaze technical staff is full time involved in leading national and international companies SOC and, over the years, has gained expertise on different platforms used among Security Operation Center and knowledge on specific application domains.

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